Monday, 20 January 2014

“After a while it became "home"”

Shiva Garden.... It makes me sad to see people writing bad reviews because of smoking hippies and spiders about such a great place. You can find this everywhere in India. And spiders are able to get into a 5 star hotel room too.
Shiva Garden is a special place with lovely people like Jayan and Sonia running that place together with Liju and the Apu. 
It seems like Shiva Garden attracts a special kind of people. It is like a community - everyone cares about everyone. You can go to the 5 star hotel next door but here you meet the real travelers who can become real good friends, who can become a part of you're "family", who care about you if you don't feel good and you can have a lot of fun with. 
We spend a lot of time laying in the hammocks, making new friendships and listening to the stories of other people while having a great chai or a really good honey lemon ginger tea.
I spend most of the time sleeping in he dorm and a few nights in a room. I slept better in the dorm than in the room in the front because in the dorm the barking dogs and rickshaws weren't that loud. But the rooms are clean. The mattress in the dorm wasn't as hard as the bed in the room. Well just look at the pictures. What you see is what you get!!

I planned to stay just a few days. In the end I left after 6 or 7 months. It became "home" for me. Now I'm back in Germany after a 6 month trip around the world and I can say that Shiva Garden is a really special place and I'd like to take the next plane back there. I miss the great time I had there and I will definitely go back.

Stayed December 2012, travelled solo

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