Thursday, 23 January 2014

“My soul place.” ** One of the best reviews ever, Thank you sweet Marianne!!!...

I came back to Shiva Garden for the third time this season. what can I say? it is my soul place in India. I go there when I want to connect with myself and meet my "Shiva Garden family" - that is a group of people who return every year and the owners, Jayan, Sonia and their family.
Shiva Garden is a place about the inner. about a certain vibration, a feeling, a meta theme of healing and wonder and well being.
it is about the smiles you exchange with the people you meet when you go get a chai. it is about the hugs you give and receive. the jokes you make, the laughs you create, the feeling you can allow yourself to relax and just be, in the now.
it is Jayan's smiley "good morning" when he asks you if you want your chai as usual. it is the caress Sonia gives you passing by, with her beautiful daughter Divya on her arm, who is such a radiant being, opening everybody heart. it is the peace you feel when you're "hammocking" with your friends, listening to the palm leaves bristle. it is the talks you come to pass unexpectedly which lead you to a better understanding. it is the small and big miracles that happen when you are there.
Shiva Garden is about belonging and realness and love. this is why I go back every now and then, to sense this freedom and bliss and to remind myself that all is well.

Stayed January 2014, travelled solo

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