Tuesday, 21 January 2014

“The Palce Where Everyone Comes Back!!!”

After having spent 5 days in here few weeks ago, I am back mainly because I forgot to write a review in the guest book hahaha, now I can leave..... It`s been magical this place YUPI!!! people is what this place has, everyone is so special that they really make you feel as if you were at home, also fellow travelers are amazing, met couple of people that made my first visit fabulous. Thank you Sonia for the amazing talk , out of the blue. You have made my trip so far. Loads of love & prosperity for both of you. I normally do not write reviews on the internet but this place is worth to do so, it is for real people. If you get tired in the beach you can come to the place and either have a chat, lay in the hammock and have a lovely thali. Love this place!!!!!! hope to find something similar in the remaining months around India

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